The love of nature has always been at the heart of our unconditional passions. We constantly celebrated the beauty of gardens and flowers, as well as their fascinating diversity. Nature is omnipresent in the names of his collections and the designs of his haute couture dresses, like the most inspiring of muses. A deep admiration perpetuated from the beginning and reinvented anew by each successive Creative Director. 


Today, in an interdependent world with limited resources, where each and every one of us is responsible for preserving our planet, We are pursuing more than ever a desire to protect this essential beauty so that it lives on. By deploying collective innovations and a dedicated program – Love in Green – on a daily basis, our House instills a cooperative, global, and local strategy adapted to the environmental challenges of each region and every country – touching on all of our universes, businesses and collaborators around the world. Each month, the love in Green committee, which encompasses all of our departments, meets to measure and promote progress in environmental excellence.

turun naik

Our employees

The daily commitment on the part of our employees:from suppliers to craftsmen, the entire chain is concerned. We give all of our employees the opportunity to become fully involved and to develop projects at their own initiative thanks to the internal program LOVE in Green. An echo of our unique heritage, that of a House based on excellence that has always placed nature at the heart of its inspirations and its primary concerns.

Our carbon footprint

Carbon-neutral deliveries

10000+ Deliveries

Total delivery distance

1,000,000 Km +

Shipping emissions removal

10,000 Kg+